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Technology Team
Leader: Benjamin Huffman

Dear Church Members and Suncrest UMC Friends,

You are invited to join the Technology Team of SUMC for 2013. This "Technology" Ministry Team seeks to provide meaningful ways to bring technology into the spiritual life and witness of our church and ministries. Such efforts includes joint endeavors involving the traditional and contemporary worship services, education, communications, health, missions, etc. teams of the church.
Shown below are Tasks I, II, and III that are currently assigned to our Church Technology Team. Shown below each individual task are several current sub-tasks. Also shown below each task are the names of those persons currently serving as technology team member participants.
Task I.  Members of this team are responsible for the audio, visual, and video ministry that is presented and recorded on Sunday mornings and other special services throughout the year.
Current subtasks include:  Audio ministry, Visual ministry, and Video ministry.
Current team members:     Benjamin Huffman, Dennis Nelson, Mary Jane Seanor, Jonathan Richie, Tom Unger, Susan Unger, Lisa Ruben, Jon Ruben, Chuck Bicanich, Tom Yanni, Jeff Cox, Brad Seanor, Angela Smith…
Task II.  Members of this team work with the church staff in maintaining and troubleshooting the computers, facebook, twitter, and web pages for church annoucments and activities.
Current subtasks include:   Computer systems, Church website, and Social Media.
Current team members:      Tom Yanni, Jeff Cox, Brad Seanor, Chistina Hostutler...
Task III.  Members of this team work in collaboration with the Communications Team on various issues, such as video on-demand (video streaming, via of the traditional church service for both live streaming as well as the weekly radio broadcast of the 9 am traditional church service. Other efforts involve the re-broadcast on Comcast (local Ch. 3) Wednesday evenings at 7 pm.
Current subtasks include:   "Live" video streaming, Video "On-demand", Comcast, and radio broadcast.
Current team members:      Chuck Bicanich, Brad Seanor, Dennis Nelson, Tom Yanni, Jeff Cox...                   
Church members and others who would like to further inspire and/or enhance the witness of SUMC among our church family, to our local community and with all God’s world with technology are invited to join the Technology Team. Recent new technical capabilities include video recording of the church service in the sanctuary and displaying church information in the narthex.  Remember, all persons have some technical talents that can be used to share the spiritual life and witness of our church and ministries. What about your being the a team member of Task II or Task III? 
Your Name as an interested Member of the Team _______________________________. Task _____
The Name of a potential Member of the Team __________________________________. Task _____
The Name of Person who should be a Member of the Team _______________________. Task _____
Please return the above information to any current member of the Technology Team or to the Church Office.

Comments or Questions:  Benjamin Huffman    e-mail:

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